QYR: Ubiquitous Background Music, $1.27 billion Turnover in 2016

Background music is an integral part of modern commercial space like malls, retail stores, transit, elevators and other public spaces. This kind of music is intended for passive listening, and it helps in improving the ambience of the place. It is also seen to affect the customer’s mood positively, resulting in better shopping experiences for the customers and the retailers. The increase in the number of commercial spaces, high preference for entertainment, and growth in the tourism sector are the major factors that are driving the market growth. USA and Europe are the largest consumption Regions of Background Music in the world in the past few years while China is the fastest growing area. USA and Europe market took up about 32.25% and 29.28% of the global market in 2016 separately (Based on revenue), while Japan followed with 13.89%. Consumption in other countries will be rise with the growing copyright awareness and improvement of people’s living standards.

Major competitors in this industry includePandora for Business, SiriusXM for Business, TouchTunes, Mood Media, Usen Corporation, PlayNetwork, CSI Music, Easy on Hold and etc. Each of those leading companies in Background Music industry has its own mature sales networks. Through their authorized distributors or their partners, those Background Music companies keep keen on expanding their Background Music sales. To achieve better sales businesses, Background Music manufacturers usually invest on their marketing channel every year.

This report also covers analysis for major consumption regions like North America and Europe,developing regions like japan and China,and also the potential market like India and South East Asia countries.