The Green Data Center is a warehouse that uses electrical and computer systems to store, manage, and distribute data to minimize power and carbon footprint. Building and operating environmentally friendly data centers includes incremental technologies and strategies that help IT organizations reduce environmental impact by measuring, measuring, and implementing a data center environment. A Green data centers provide the same functionality as typical data centers, but consume less energy and space and are environmentally friendly to design and operate. Key market factors include increased power consumption, stringent environmental regulations, increased demand for data storage management, and higher energy costs. However, the benefits of green data centers, high initial costs, and a lack of awareness of incompatibilities with current data centers are expected to hamper market growth.

The research report highlighted competitive landscape with the shares mostly confined within a few major players such as Oracle, Cisco systems, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, APC Corp, EMC Corp, Fujitsu Corp., and Huawei Technologies, Ericsson, and International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). These companies are a major player in the data center market as a whole and acknowledge that the government is focused on green projects to take advantage of the potential of this niche market. These vendors continue to improve and geographically scale their product portfolios to provide end-users with a variety of efficiency solutions and to maintain their position.

Green Data Center Market Segmentation:

Market segmentation by Solution:


Network Technologies

Servers and Power Backups


Market segmentation by End User:

Cloud Service Providers

Colocation Providers


Market segmentation by Industry Verticals:

Healthcare & life sciences

Banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI)

IT & telecom

Public sector


Market segmentation by Region:

North America




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